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Sep 8, 2017 | News


A chair backpack!


Would you wear your old office chair? People are! And it’s time to recycling and up-cycle!! In the UK every year approximately 810,000 office chairs go to waste and that’s just the UK!!


Thomas Howell-Jones, who is a student at Birmingham City University developed a new product call “Rest”. The product has already gained attention and Jones was the recipient of the “Stepping Stone” award at the RSA student design awards.


Jones is transforming old office chairs into hard shell backpacks and also bicycle panniers. Totally innovative!!


The bags themselves host some neat features such as being waterproof for start (ideal for this Irish weather!), extremely durable and also they are said to be impact proof!


This ultra sustainable idea sees the back of old office chairs – the ones with a hard back being transformed into a modern slick backpack which can be worn or the bag itself can be attached onto your bicycle! Perfect!


The environmentally conscious designer conducted many trials on the concept and eventually developed the perfect one!


Quoting Thomas Howell-Jones: “Realising that a backpack was possible from office chair waste was the turning point for the project. This allowed me to continue detailed investigation and development showing results seen today.

Credit: https://phys.org/news/2017-08-recycled-office-chairs-hard-shell-backpacks.html

Credit: Birmingham City University for image