Some fun facts about office furniture

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Jul 15, 2016 | News

Some fun facts about office furniture.

office furniture

office furniture

The first commercial offices started up in industrial cities throughout the Northern United States in the late 19th century.

Charles Darwin was one of the earliest innovators of the modern office chair. He added wheels to his chair so that he could get to his specimens quicker while in was studying.

People in the United States spend at least one thousand eight hours per year at work Two German brothers hatched the idea of the first open-plan office. They called it Bürolandschaft, or “office landscape.”

Every year U.S. companies purchase 4.5 million tables, 16.5 million chairs and 11 million filing cabinets. Despite the rugged design of the very earliest office chairs comfort was actually the focus of the very first office chair design (during the mid 1800s).

The idea of comfort was not in fact for the benefit of the employee. The thinking behind it was in fact that if the chair was as comfortable and as functional as possible so that employees would stay in their chairs longer and therefore do more work!