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Aug 22, 2017 | News

Sit Stand Desks -An easy way to get more active

Welcome to the final blog in our series of seven blogs on the health benefits of activity and risks of inactivity in the office – keep on moving people!

In our last blog we discussed how activity can reduce the risk of Type II diabetes, problems associated with metabolism and cardiovascular health. In this weeks blog we will be discussing how been more active can have an impact on long term mortality.

By decreasing your risk of obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes this can have an impact of your life span.

A study carried out in 2012 found that if the average American person decreased the amount of sitting time to three hours a day the persons life expectancy would increase by two years.

All the research tells us that sitting for long long periods of time with little other exercise undoubtedly has a very negative impact on our health.

We at Griffin Office want to get you more active and the most simple way is to start with a sit stand routine. Standing all day can lead to knee, back or foot problems. Start off small and work you way up and don’t be afraid to walk around after all it’s good for your health!


We have a number of sit stand desks in stock.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information.

And check out this video on the desk itself!

I hope you enjoyed this series!

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Thank you for reading!!