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Sep 30, 2016 | News

What to Consider when selecting a Boardroom / Meeting/ Conference Room Table Part 1

The Size of Room Before you select any style or shape of meeting/conference/ boardroom tables, make sure the size of the table is in proportion to the room and that there is adequate seating and walking space without cluttering the entire area. It is recommended that you have a minimum of about a metre for minimum comfortable walking space (from the backs of chairs to the walls). Number of People to be Seated Select a meeting/ conference/boardroom table in accordance with the size of your business. Choosing a table that is too large is only going to use up valuable space while a table that is too small with limited seating will be equally problematic. It is recommended that you select a six foot table to seat six people, eight foot table to seat eight people, etc. The Purpose of the Room Another important aspect to be considered when selecting meeting/ conference /boardroom tables is the main function of your room. Is your conference room used for discussions and audio visual presentations only, or are ceremonial events also carried out there? Choose a comfortable and functional conference table that fits your requirements and also looks good! Check out the news section next week for part two!