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Sep 30, 2016 | News

Canteen Solutions The workplace canteen is an area that can be neglected but it is a space that provides a break and relaxation for staff and therefore it is worth putting thought into its design and finding the right canteen solutions. It is recommended that you use relaxing colours such as blue green, cream punctuated with some bold artwork. Red, a colour that is usually recommended for dining rooms, is not thought to be suitable for a canteen as it encourages staff to eat too quickly leading to indigestion! Having chosen your wall colours, which may be in keeping with the colours used throughout the rest of the building, You can then select your tables and chairs. These must be comfortable and can be of a classic or modern design depending on the theme you have selected for your design. We at Griffin Office Solutions have a range of New and Used Canteen solutions including chairs and tables at very competitive prices. View our selection online or in our showrooms. Remember to plan the position of tables and chairs carefully to make optimum use of the space available, while keeping in mind that people need to be able to walk freely around the area.