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Nov 17, 2017 | News

Welcome to part two of our blog on the Ming Dynasty wooden folding chair that recently sold in LondonĀ  for almost six million euro.

Expected to only fetch one hundred and fifty thousand pounds the price soared to a staggering five point three million pounds.

The chairs themselves are made of an extremely rare Huanghuali wood that is thought to be at least if not more than three hundred and seventy years old. When the chairs went up for sale a huge Chinese bidding war commenced and drove the price up and up till it reached that mind blowing sum!

Known as the Huanghuali folding chair – these are considered to simply be a masterpiece of Ming dynasty furniture.

The bidding war was left to two individuals one present in the room and one on the phone with the phone bidder eventually winning !

Here is a link to a news article which shows the chairs!

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