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Jan 28, 2017 | News

Welcome to part four of “Colour in the Working Environment”


In last weeks blogs we covered the use of the colours green, yellow, red and orange in the office. To recap on some of the benefits.


Green is recommended if you have a regular need for brainstorming. Conjuring up new ideas, racking brains, developing new concepts, is aide by the use of green in the office as it leads to increased creativity.


Yellow is said to energize and stimulate people and so is a good colour to use in a creative environment.


Red is recommended for use in areas where people have to work at night as it is said to stimulate brain activity.


Orange is a colour recommended for increased creativity and high energy areas.

This week we are discussing the colours grey and white.



Grey, especially a light grey colour is timeless and is a very popular office colour that can be offset with accent furniture in white, blue, green, orange, red, wood etc. –depending on need- to achieve increased productivity.



This colour is synonymous with creating a feeling of space. However, on its own it can be bland and uninspiring so accent colours in the form of furniture, paint, prints etc. are often required.


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