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Feb 6, 2021 | News

Working from home? Consider investing in a height adjustable desk!

Griffin Office Solutions are proud stockists of standing desks for many years now. We have two versions of height adjustable desks available. Our first desk is electrically adjustable with a double motor. The desk can be adjusted in height between 665mm – 1295mm at the touch of a finger with the touch-sensitive controls. Check out our video here which takes you through the main features of the desk. Our second desk is a manual height adjustable desk. The desk can be adjusted in height between 700mm – 1200mm via the use of a hand crank.

What is a height adjustable desk?

A height adjustable desk will allow you to raise and lower your work surface throughout the day, this affords you the opportunity to sit or stand while working. The Griffin Office height adjustable standing desk will allow you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing with an electric height adjustment mechanism or via a hand crank. Height adjustable desks have been proven to be beneficial to the users health and allows them to focus and concentrate more effectively.

A key benefit

In general, approximately eighty percent of adults will experience back pain during their lifetime. In 2011, the “Take a Stand Project” launched. The project stated that prolonged sitting time is a health risk. The project was conducted in Minnesota among employees with sedentary jobs. One group in the project received a sit stand desk and the other group did not. These results followed:

The Take-a-Stand Project reduced time spent sitting by 224% (66 minutes per day), reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%, and improved mood states. Their findings suggest that using a height adjustable desk at work can reduce sitting time and generate other health benefits for workers.

With many of us now working from home, this may be the perfect opportunity to try out a height adjustable desk.

Some advice 

Take it slow! If you are going from sitting all day to suddenly standing all day you run the risk of developing back or leg pain. It is important to ease in to it by starting with short bouts of standing, 30-60 minutes a day and then gradually increasing the time.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our height adjustable desks.