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Nov 23, 2016 | News

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Black Friday Bargain

What is it about a Herman Miller chair that warrants much comment and praise from people who are familiar with them? They may have started out believing, “a chair is a chair is a chair”, but that soon changes once they have discovered a Herman Miller!

During July and August we ran a series of blogs on some of the different types and styles of Herman Miller chairs and it is well worth taking a peek at those to get a brief overview of the history and characteristics of some of these chairs.

This week, we are going to take a look at the Herman Miller Aeron chair. This ergonomically designed chair epitomizes comfort. As stated in last week’s blog, comfort, while you sit at your desk doing your work, is of paramount importance.

The Aeron chair made its first appearance in 1994 and was developed by William Stumpf and Donald Chadwick for Herman Miller. What made this chair noteworthy was the support it gave to the lower back or lumbar region. It did this by having a support built into the curve of the backrest. Another remarkable feature of this chair was its ability to “move” with people while simultaneously providing ample support no matter what posture was adopted. This chair, to put it simply, was designed to adjust and support the body.

The mesh back used in its construction was a new innovation at the time and has since been copied by manufacturers throughout the world. The Aeron chair can be customized to suit any individual, irrespective of size, weight etc. and this is achieved with simple adjustment controls, which can be altered until the correct support and height has been achieved. The pelvic and spinal support offered by these chairs, means that back pain, often associated with sitting at desks for long periods, can be a thing of the past.

To this end, we at Griffin Office Solutions, have a wide range of used Aeron chairs that will ensure your comfort and we are offering 10 chairs at amazing value this Black Friday Week. We are selling 3 chairs Wednesday & Thursday and a final one on Friday at a knockdown price. Please click this link to view the deal


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