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Oct 22, 2016 | News

Home Office Furniture 

home office furniture

home office furniture


Working from home can be difficult – so many distractions can hinder productivity.

However, by creating a space fit for purpose, be it a full blown study, if you have the room, or using a space under the stairs or in a corner of an existing room, will help you to be at your most productive.

To achieve this it is well worth investing time and money. This need not cost a fortune as we at Griffin Office Solutions have a range of new and used Home Office /Work Station furniture for you to choose from.

When selecting a space for your work station, make sure that you have adequate light, either natural or well lit by lights or lamps that can be focused on your work.

Natural light is ideal, and if your desk can be positioned overlooking a garden, so much the better, as taking the time occasionally to take a breather and look out the window can clear your head and have a very calming effect which can inspire you with new creative thoughts.

The style of furniture you select can vary from traditional to modern sleek, stream lined designs, and we, at Griffin Office Solutions, have styles to suit all tastes.

It is suggested that you use a limited colour scheme when selecting your furniture as this helps to create a more organized and functional business like environment. Your work space could be in the corner of an existing room, usually the dining room. If this is the case, make sure to select a desk and chair that blends with the existing furniture in the room if you want a co-ordinated look.

Finally, make sure to de-personalise your work space and keep it as clutter free as is possible to ensure you are not unnecessarily distracted.