How to clean your office chair

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Mar 30, 2023 | News

How to clean your office chair

Your office chair can sometimes be neglected when it comes to cleaning. However, as with other furniture that gets used regularly, your office chair can quickly become a dust catcher and therefore in should be cleaned regularly. Office chairs especially those that can be adjusted tend to have a lot of adjustable parts that can trap dust.  Common household cleaning supplies can be used to keep your chair looking clean! Before you begin cleaning check if you chair has specific cleaning guidelines.

Step 1

Vacuum and dust off the entire chair.

Start from the top of the chair and work your way down to the wheels.

Step 2

Wipe the chair with a soap-and-water solution.

Mix just a few drops of dish soap with lukewarm water. Gently wipe all the surfaces of the chair with a cloth dipped in the solution but don’t soak the chair!

Step 3

Rinse and dry

Dampen another cloth with clean water and wipe off any excess soap residue.

Use another cloth to dry hard surfaces such as chair legs and arm rests.


In next week’s blog we will discuss how to clean the Herman Miller Aeron chair.