How to design your boardroom

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Feb 4, 2020 | News

How to design your boardroom

Meetings can take time and sometimes too much time! For those of you who work in an office environment staff often spend a lot of time in the boardroom. In fact if you are in middle management you will spend approximately 35% of your day in meetings and 50% if you’re in upper management. Suffice to say if you are spending this much time in one place you want it to be the best it can be !

What do you need from your Boardroom Furniture?

  • Comfort is essential
  • An area to promote and enhance collaboration and conversation
  • Enhance the effectiveness of meetings in terms of time and outcomes

What do you need your boardroom for?

  • Will the space be used for showcasing your company to outside clients
  • Will the space have a single/duel function such as staff trainings and meetings
  • Do you need one long boardroom table or many meeting tables?
  • Will your meetings be sitting or standing?
  • Do you need storage space

Your boardroom style

  • Consider the finish of the furniture – traditional or modern or a mix?
  • What colour scheme will you use? Check out our previous blog on “colour in the working environment

Boardroom Furniture

As mentioned above it is important to know how the room will be used and who will be using it

The Table

  • Will you need multiple tables? Will they need to be moved around? Or do you need just one table?
  • Will people be sitting or standing at meetings? If they will be standing and sitting consider height adjustable furniture

The Chairs

  • Do you need moveable chairs i.e. swivel chairs
  • Do you need stackable chairs for space saving
  • Ensure chairs are ergonomic ! Height adjustable, lumbar support etc

The Storage and extra accessories

  • Do you require storage in the room for files/stationary/glasses etc
  • Do you require whiteboards?
  • Will the room need audio visual or digital equipment?

Lighting and sound are also key factors to keep in mind!

Remember all boardrooms have different functions, take your time when deciding on design and layout! If you need any advice please contact us here at Griffin Office Solutions.