Introducing our newest chair the Luan Panda

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Feb 3, 2023 | News

Introducing our newest chair the Luan Panda

2020 was an exciting year for us here at Griffin Office Solutions when we first launched our very own office and visitor chair line. Named “Luan” after the town of Athlone (where we are located) we were excited to bring our own chair to the market.

Following the success of our chairs we continued to add to our range and today we are delighted to launch the newest member of the Luan family, the Luan Panda!

This newly designed mesh office chair will provide you with maximum comfort and superior quality. This ergonomic and stylish chair will help you spend hours in the office without back pain. This chair comes with adjustable arms, adjustable lumbar support and backward tilt.

  • Chairs come constructed and are delivered by our van, not couriers or shipping companies.
  • Available in colours: blue and white
  • 24-hour ergonomic chair
  • Mesh upholstery, anti-scratch, anti-wearing, fire resistance
  • Armrest:height & angle adjustable
  • Multi-functional mechanism
  • Lifting+lockable tilting
  • Backrest with the tension knob for backward power adjustment
  • Condition- New

We now have three member of the Luan family

  • The Luan Panda
  • The Luan Executive
  • The Luan Reception

All chairs can be viewed here.