Meeting and Conference Room Layouts Part I

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Nov 28, 2022 | News

Meeting and Conference Room Layouts Ideas Part I

Over the next four blog posts we will be discussing different meeting and conference room layout ideas.

If you have invited your employees to communicate a message, deliver a presentation, introduce key stakeholders or meet potential clients the space in which the meeting or conference is being held is often just as important as the message you are trying to deliver to the audience.

Without the right space, your message may get lost i.e. a 3 person meeting at a large board room table just doesn’t work! For maximum impact, it is very important to consider the layout of your room, ensuring everyone can hear those speaking clearly, and for those who are joining virtually, the digital screen must be in view.

Over the next four blogs we will consider several meeting room layouts and the efficacy depending on the meeting type.

Boardroom Style Layout

Guests are seated around all four sides of a long, elongated table. Often, the facilitator/presenter is seated with guests at the board table, rather than standing at the front of the room. You must ensure that the boardroom table seats all attendees comfortably. It also important to consider the chairs that will accompany the table. Pair the table with quality boardroom chairs that match the overall style of the space.

Some pros and cons of boardroom table layout include;


  • It is good for discussions between all attendees in the group.
  • Everyone is sharing the one table space, conducive to completing shared tasks.
  • Having everyone seated at the one table implies equality amongst all in attendance.


  • Difficult to break-off and work in smaller groups.
  • If a projector is being used, chairs must be strategically placed to allow all guests to have a clear view

Overall, this boardroom table layout is ideal for aiding discussions, hosting business meetings, and delivering agenda focussed sessions or interviews with prospective employees, the boardroom style layout positions guests facing inwards, encouraging interaction from all directions around the boardroom table.