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Oct 8, 2016 | News

What to Consider when selecting a Boardroom / Meeting/ Conference Room Table Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of what to consider when selecting a boardroom/meeting/conference table!

Choice of Material

What finish or material are you looking for in your conference/boardroom/meeting room table? We at Griffin Office Solutions have a range of materials to choose from. Select a maple wood finish for a classic design or opt for a glass top table for a more modern style. Go for a design that looks professional as well as matching the decor of your room. As for the shape of the table? Well that may be a personal choice or based on the shape of the room, but, either way, we at Griffin Office Supplies have a range of shapes to choose from –Elliptical, Rectangular, Oval or Circular.

Selecting a Colour

Do you want your boardroom/meeting/ conference table to co-ordinate with your existing furniture or colour scheme of the walls etc. in your room? Harmonizing your office furniture with your surroundings looks both sophisticated and professional.

Personal Choice

The type of furniture you select will make life convenient for your employees and will also be a reflection of your business/brand. If your conference room is used regularly for meetings with senior management within your own company or from other organistions, it is important to choose a table that is reflective of the impression you need to create.

On the other hand, the table you choose may boil down to personal preference, you may prefer a round table to a rectangular one!