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Apr 14, 2018 | News

Welcome to this week’s blog!

This weeks blog is divided into two parts (so stay tuned for part B!)

Are you in the market for a new office chair but maybe you’re not too sure what exactly you’re looking for?

Nowadays there seems to be a chair for virtually everything so I hope these blogs help you to make a more informed decision when purchasing a chair! Don’t forget the team here at Griffin Office are on hand to help you pick a chair that right for you!

Without doubt the office chair is perhaps the most important item of office furniture. Why you ask?!

Well, an individual working in an office environment spends approximately 40 hours a week in their office chair – that’s practically two days of sitting! Taking out holidays, weekends etc. that sums up to approximately two thousand hours hours per year. When you think of how many years a person works this adds up to a lot of time. Perhaps these figures now illuminate the need to get a good office chair!!

It is of the utmost importance to choose a good quality chair. Nowadays we are spending even more time at home in front of a computer so it is important to get a chair that is supportive and comfortable for both at home and the office.

Studies have show that an office chair which is supportive increases the productivity of the person sitting on it and also improves their efficiency – being uncomfortable leads to less productivity. It has also been found that a poor quality office chair leads to many problems including neck and back pain, issues with legs and carpal tunnel all of which lead to less productivity. If you choose the wrong option the implications can be huge for your business from medical conditions resulting in employees taking sick days.

What’s the solution? Investment in quality chairs. It is an important investment for the current and future health of employees and of course you. Put posture first. At Griffin Office we are on hand to help you choose an office chair which is right for you and meets your needs and budgets – call us today for more information!

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Stay tuned for part two of our blog where I will be discussing some key points to keep in mind when selecting an office chair !

Thank you for reading.