Part Three; Recently Purchased an Aeron Chair?

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Jul 11, 2022 | News

Aeron Chair

Aeron Chair

Welcome to our third blog on the key features of the Herman Miller Aeron chair. In the previous blog we covered forward tilt lever, seat height lever and lumbar support and today we look to arm height adjustment and the tilt limiter function.

The chair itself has five mains features

  • Forward tilt lever (covered in previous blog)
  • Seat height lever (covered in previous blog)
  • Lumbar support (covered in previous blog)
  • Arm height adjustment
  • Tilt limiter

Before we discuss these features in detail, why not check out our video on the Herman Miller Chair which has now fetched over 70,000 views on YouTube.

Arm Height Adjustment

Why is arm height on a chair important?

Correct armrest height is one of the key components of a comfortable chair. Armrests are in place to help avoid tension in the shoulders, neck and arms therefore giving you a comfortable sitting experience.

Ideally, where should my arms be when I’m sitting on my chair?

When you are seated on your chair, adjust the arm rest so that your arms are close to your side. Ensure that your shoulders are relaxed and that your forearms are supported equally.

Can the height of the armrests on an Aeron be altered and if so, how?

Yes, this aspect of the chair is fully adjustable. There are two types of levers (depending on the chair) that allow you to raise and lower the armrests – A lockin flipper lever and a rotating wheel. Both levers do the same job. When sitting on the chair, lift the lever or rotate the wheel. Hold the base of the arm support to raise or lower the height of the armrest to your desired height. In the case where you are using the flipper lever, lower the lever back into place to lock. Remember your forearms should be evenly supported and shoulders relaxed.

Where are these levers?

 The levers are found on the base of the arm support to the back of the chair.

Any other information?

Remember, for maximum comfort, your forearms should make contact with the arm pads with no lift from your shoulders.

Tilt Limiter

What is the tilt limiter?

It allows you to select the tilt range of the Aeron so you are not “stuck” in just one position while you are seated.

When should I use it?

Engage the lever when you want to either sit in an upright position or a slightly reclined position.

Where is the tilt limiter?

The tilt limiter is located on the left hand side of the Aeron. It is the rear lever.

How do I use it?

To limit the tilt range, while seated, recline back as far as you like. Move the lever upwards to set the limit of chair recline. Readjust as you deem necessary.

How do I release the tilt limiter?

To release the limiter, while seated, lean forward on your chair and press the lever down.

Any other information?

If you wish to sit in an upright position, engage the tilt limiter when the seat is in a forward or horizontal position.

If you have any questions regarding the Herman Miller Aeron Chair please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.