Part Two of decorating the office for the festive season

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Dec 10, 2016 | News

Decorating your office for the Festive Season. Part Two 


Welcome to Part Two of decorating the office for the festive season.


Finding yourself re making Christmas signs every year? Why not invest in vinyl re-usable Christmas signs that you can store and take out every year! A “Happy Christmas” sign in your reception area can bring a sense of holiday cheer to your staff and guests!

Decorate the doors! Bring a sense of fun to the office by giving the doors a serious make over in your favourite wrapping paper! It’s a fun and cost effective way of giving the office a splash of colour!


DIY office snowman. Why not add an extra dimension to the office?! Your staff can make it themselves (why not make it a competition!). All you need is three white pillows. Stuff them with crumpled up paper, secure them with cable ties in a three-tiered pile, and use a marker to draw on a face and buttons. Why not add some additional elements such as a hat and scarf!

Bows sprinkled around the office add a splash of colourful holiday cheer. We advise you go for the big velvet bows, the smaller Christmas gift bows or a combination of both! Place them in various places around the office such as around windows or on cabinets!

And finally, perhaps the most simple yet impactful decoration of all is to make use of all those computers by downloading some lovely festive desktop screensavers! Why not get your employees / co-workers involved and ask them to download their favourite Christmas photo or winter scene. Perhaps a prize for the most favoured!

We hope you have fun decorating your office and perhaps you may employ some of the ideas outlined in the blogs! Initially it may seem like a big task but it can be fun and can have big impact. You may notice a few more cheerful smiles in the office and productivity may even increase!!!!

 Merry Christmas to all from the Griffin Office Solutions Team