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Mar 10, 2017 | News

Self Storage Containers

Self Storage in the modern world has its origins in post World War II in the United States. Since then it has grown in popularity and is now an intrinsic part of how Americans organise their lives.

Growth in self storage has also increased around the world where it used by many people for a multiplicity of reasons. In Britain and Ireland self storage was used mainly by the business community, but over the last number of years, there has been a growth in the number of private individuals using this means of storage. Containers vary in size from 10ft. 20ft. etc. or they can be customised to suit various needs and that makes them very attractive to potential customers.

With their adaptable functionality, Containers are used by some people as a cost- effective way to start a business, while others may use it to store stock, documents, tools, machinery, motorbikes, classic cars etc.


Griffin Office Solutions have a container available for rent at present.

20Ft new Container. Ideal for Classic cars,Tradesmen, small business operators, or just those needing extra space. Container parked in a well lit yard, (Industrial estate near the M6 Athlone) with cameras, inside a locked gate, 24 hour access, forklift available for heavy pallets if required. Short Term and long term agreements available. Monthly rent €220 +vat