Steelcase Cobi Draughtsman Chair

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Feb 28, 2023 | News

Steelcase Cobi Draughtsman Chair

Steelcase created a whole new category of seating products designed specifically for the needs of collaboration. The Cobi chair was designed specifically to foster collaboration and was based on three key research observations that resulted in three key insights:

  • Chairs should promote movement and be comfortable for long periods of time
  • Adjustments should be automatic and intuitive
  • Chairs should support multiple postures

The Steelcase Cobi Draughtsman Chair has been designed to assist in the collaboration of employees. They are designed with flexible components that allow the user to feel comfortable and supported in every position they are in, even allowing you to lean your arm along the top of the chair.

  • Designed for quick comfort by automatically flexing and adjusting to your body
  • The chair back’s top edge is flexible to allow you to rest your arm on the top of the chair
  • Flexing seat edge encourages you to move and shift; you can sit centre or off to the side
  • Helps keep you comfortable and focused in collaborative settings like conference and training rooms
  • Only one manual adjustment (seat height), and a mechanism that’s weight activated, anyone can get comfortable quickly

This chair retails new at approximately €950. We have 5 chairs in used condition available for €250 plus vat per chair.