Your health can be impacted by your chair

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Jun 9, 2019 | News

Is sitting becoming a little, uncomfortable?

Is it time to change your office chair?

We all need to be more active. Not just in the sense of being more physically active (going for walks/runs) but we need to increase the amount of incidental physical activity (taking the stairs instead of the lift) and general movement when at work.

To reduce our risk of ill health from inactivity, we are advised to exercise quite regularly. In fact, one should exercise for at least thirty minutes a day five days a week. Another factor to reduce our risk of ill health is to reduce the amount of time we sit for. Studies have found that excessive amounts of sitting can lead to obesity, type two diabetes , some types of cancer and premature death. Many adults spend more than seven hours a day sitting down – watching TV, reading, driving etc. However, it is not all doom and gloom. If you do spend quite a lot of time sitting there are many chairs available that are designed to support your body while seated. When selecting a chair you should try and purchase a chair that has ergonomic adjustments. The first question you should ask is does the chair have lumbar support?

“Lumbar support refers to features on the chair that aid in the positioning of your lower back where the lumbosacral discs are located. According to Spine-health, these discs bear three times more load while sitting than standing, which can make poor posture and spinal tissue damage all the more likely.”

The Herman Miller Aeron chair provides excellent lumbar support. The Aerons design sees a natural curve in the back of the chair that provides excellent lumbar support. An extra in the form of an additional lumbar support pad is available for those who require more support in the lower back area.

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